Yoochun and han ji min dating

31-Aug-2017 14:27

After watching Pinocchio, watching Healer is a terrible waste of time. Love Love Love I think if you chose "you are all surrounded"or 'doctor stranger" was beter because maybe they are more popular and they are for sbs..ilike your new drama"a new leaf" too... Please all Park Min Young fan please always vote for her, in world lovable and popular celebrity, we can help her, we can do it. Saranghe Min young sshi please don't receive that drama becouse too much drama about medical than make people bored,,than it u will be pair with lee jong suk,,?? meaningless year for me :-(you gonna choose a drama soon.i'll be waiting..:-)the way, Can't wait to see you endorsing n modeling for ISENBERG in 2014.it's gonna be cool...:-P. How ironic that both of them did a drama when there was a DOCTOR THAT TRAVELLED FROM THE FUTURE TO THE PAST XD and they both are the characters that are fron the Joseon era buwhahhah Very ironic :'D I love it tho hahha c: woop! They look similar face When i watched dr.jin, i think her acting was not natural,, she looked like Only following the scripts without the emotion in it, just opinion I hope pmy can make a her best in the future bcos she's one of my favourite's korean actress Hi, Park min young..,saranghae:$,strong k.,can't wait for your next project..i hope to see u soon..;-) For your love life.,i just wish you found someone like Lee sun joon (sungkyunkwan scandal).,someone that can be by your side,and support u no matter what.u always., i really hope to see Park Min-Young and Lee Min Ho acting together in a movie or drama but i hope this time, in this future drama, to see more cutes scenes between them, Prak Min-Young you're really a good actress, and what the problem with the surgery? She is very committed towards her work and indeed made this most beautiful drama a big success. She has shown so much improvement by leaps and bounds compared to City Hunter.Both are about reporters, past life incidents, and two actors 1 actress main casts. It is interesting...:) PMY the most beautiful woman in he world she is so coo and pretty with her smiling face ......... wow,kim nana,bear nana...i love you with all my heart..city was a great one,hope to see you and lee-min-ho(lee yoo sung)..another movie again..sure lee-min-ho is ur boyfriend in the real life..rafel from NIGERIA park min young unnie you are the best i pray your new drama a new leaf will soon be release in nigeria i am looking forward to it my first drama i watch when u were there was city hunter nd it was really interesting after that i watch glory jane and i am sam you are the most beautiful actress and you are also my favourite actress i am your fan from nigeria i really hope to know you better park min young unnie i am 14 years you are the best Hi, Park Min-Young, Welcome back in your new drama "New Leaf". :) i love kim nana..,you're the best actress..,you're MAY1 and only favorite actress..,prettiest min young fighting..,i like your charater in a new leaf..,it really suits you:)) i like the way you cary yourself there..,i love your outfits:)) Oh my big sister, saranghae, oh i really miss you much, since it has been a while we talked last. And we can make her best among best HI min young...know if to be happy or not about your new movie with LSK,but i think x a nice idea cox to some extent i like LSK nd u also as my best K-actress..i will always support you if you go for DOCTOR STRANGER or YOU ARE SURROUNDED::::wish u succexx in your new movie!!! oh no he is realy weak be a man don't like him,,,hope u make a choice for a drama from the whose the actor ,,ok! I loved her is Sungkyunkwan Scandal, I am Sam and also in City Hunter c: WOOOP Keep up the good work gurl ; D Park Min Young is a good actress , she is pure , talented and i love her acting skills! She is cute, and we can make whatever we want to look beautiful...you-re a really taff girl, keep it so long... Would love to see her again with LJW for her next projected drama in 2012. Love u park min young.i'm your fan since skks.,i'm so proud of u as kim yoon hee.:-)u have such a beautiful smile n i wish u will be happy n smile always...i will support all your drama n movie.

Thank goodness I'm not in South Korea because it would be tough to choose between the three dramas on Wednesdays and Thursdays every week. Saranheyo uri Min Youngssi ♡ I'm hoping that that Lee Min Ho guy would regret his mistake of breaking your heart PMY.I hope it is extended beyond 16 episodes and gives a stronger performance in the coming year until it's end. Her acting was..hmmm.should I say it politely.good. " Min young love, Sylvia love you so much, I'm always happy seeing you. This was a perfect role for you and I'm glad you went with it. you are an artist who is very beautiful, sweet smile, smart, friendly and smiling, fasyenebel. The only thing similar about both of these dramas is that the proffesion REPORTER is involved. stop being a f**king idiot and comparing two completely different dramas.