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What do you think of this bundle, and do you think it'll sell well in North America? There’s a theory about Nintendo that goes something like this: Nintendo has the best IP in video gaming, the characters with the highest Q score.)) There’s even a real-time modding angle in : In story mode, one player can use the Game Pad to create “boost blocks” that help other Wii Remote players navigate tricky sections of a level or access tough to reach areas.Or play in Coin Rush Mode (two to four players race to snatch up the most coins) and you can use the Game Pad’s touchscreen to tweak levels, planting coins in tricky spots. Say you want to play a little , you just tell the game to pipe everything to the controller.In shout out, you hold the Game Pad vertically, viewing the action top-down while twisting the controller left or right to guide a racer along a flashing track.

Keeping track of two screens could have been a mess, but it’s actually pretty intuitive.It’s also packing motion control sensors, haptic feedback, dual speakers, shoulder buttons, left and right rear triggers, a microphone, an infrared sensor, near-field communication support, a front-facing camera and a rechargeable battery (it even has its own power adapter). You might be thinking the second screen makes the Wii U a Wii-plus-DS, and it clearly shares second-screen DNA with Nintendo’s dual-screen handheld.