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This is certainly true in, in which Clare (Teresa Palmer) is Shortland’s latest unlucky heroine.

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“I think most people have a lot of beauty, and good. “A friend of mine who’s a journalist in her sixties said, ‘When you look back at your life, how do you retain that open heart that you had in your early twenties? We travel and we want all these experiences, and we have these beautiful open hearts, and these things happen to us and it sort of shuts down. ” Shortland’s women suffer and struggle in ways you never see in Hollywood. Clare in is sheepishly callow, before her capture hot-houses new, mature strengths.

“We look to Europe as so much better than us Neanderthal bush-pigs,” Shortland agrees.

“We go there to become cultured and better, and learn to speak and how to look at a piece of art.

The potential physical risk that lurks every time a woman goes home with a man has leapt up and grabbed her. “What happens is a mixture of truth, and how we fantasise about sex, and how we sexualise violence. “We thought about fairy tales when we were shooting. You kind of want an intellectual, sensitive, funny big bad wolf! But Shortland lets the hazy, narcotic attraction Clare first felt for Andi stubbornly linger. So it was interesting for me to blur those lines, and to experience what it is to be attracted and repulsed by somebody at the same time.

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Clare’s not after this vanilla experience, when she goes home with him. And a lot of them, like , eroticise a very immobilised, trapped heroine. The erotic element continues, even though it shouldn’t.” The hurricane whirl of Clare’s psyche shows after she instigates sex with her captor.Another young actress, Saskia Rosendahl, plays the eponymous teenage anti-heroine here, leading her siblings across Germany in 1945.