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The certainty and drive to pursue the entertainment field. However I have been a hustler and scrapper my whole life. When notes come down from the network to set, those that the notes are attributed to typically stop to catch their breath because it has a holy order quality that no one will question. With Amazon, perhaps because they are still in the works of establishing their protocol it has an independent film quality where you still have to answer to the powers that be but most of that answering was taken care of pre-filming and they trust that those orders will be executed as planned.

Either through the attrition of being the youngest in my family or in my neighborhoods. Have I fought for roles to the best of my abilities by any means necessary? With the one exception I haven't thrown other actors under the bus for my own gain. You've come a long way in your career from being a background actor in such films as .

My indoctrination could not have been luckier than to watch Sean Penn on one set and Tom Cruise on the other the same summer. How did you manage long days on set while you were raising your three sons?

My acquired knowledge, demeanor and respect for hardworking crew still to this day comes from watching the way those guys handled their business. Being a parent in this business is simply challenging beyond belief. I have missed a variety of my sons' childhood events that I can't have back.

The stars have aligned well for me in the grand scheme of things...let's see how the rest of the day shapes up for me in section D of the. Tell us about your experience on is a cool sleeper kind of show that the powers that be truly settle for nothing.

What's the stupidest question you've ever been asked in an interview? Brad Kern and Stuart Gillard get every possible ounce out of that orange that they can and the fans respond ravenously and accordingly.

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In 2015, Gedrick had a season-long arc as serial killer Raynard Waits in Amazon Prime's Bosch, along with a recurring role as Liam in The CW's Beauty & the Beast. What advice do you have for background actors today?

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