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Disney’s Gary Marsh said, “because most network television abandoned the traditional sitcom, Disney has been able to snatch up a lot of experienced talent for behind the camera, including executive producer Dan Staley…” Good Luck Charlie's central family, the Duncans from Denver, Colorado, was carefully crafted for broad appeal.

While the series is still told primarily through the viewpoint of the Duncan children, the children's parents, Amy and Bob, are less on the periphery and writers attempt to add scenes that adult viewers can relate to.

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"You want a title that says, a) this is a sitcom and, b) this is something that will interest the main demographic but also we're trying to expand the Disney brand beyond just girls," Vaupen commented.

In March 2011, a feature-length Christmas Disney Channel Original Movie based on the series, entitled Good Luck Charlie, It's Christmas! In June 2013, Disney Channel announced that the series was cancelled and ended production after its run after four seasons.