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They are descendants of extinct dinosaurs with feathers, making them the only surviving dinosaurs according to cladistics.DNA-based evidence finds that birds diversified dramatically around the time of the Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction event 66 million years ago, which killed off the pterosaurs and all the non-avian dinosaur lineages.It is not considered a direct ancestor of birds, though it is possibly closely related to the true ancestor.The earliest known avialan fossils come from the Tiaojishan Formation of China, which has been dated to the late Jurassic period (Oxfordian stage), about 160 million years ago.

During the late 1990s, Aves was most commonly defined phylogenetically as all descendants of the most recent common ancestor of modern birds and Archaeopteryx lithographica.The Late Jurassic Archaeopteryx is well known as one of the first transitional fossils to be found, and it provided support for the theory of evolution in the late 19th century.

Because the exhaust follows a lengthy path to leave the engine, there is a tendency for the engine to overheat.… continue reading »

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Anna Wintour Receives French Legion Of Honor Award: The decoration, created by Napolean in 1802, is France's highest honor and has been bestowed upon the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Valentino.… continue reading »

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