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21-Jul-2017 04:07

Furthermore, how could she guess that two men with cerebral palsy would call her within an hour?

It was by sheer chance that I ended up having a debate about dating and disability with this woman.

She claimed her husband and a few friends believed she was developing feelings for her client.

My friend wasn’t mad that people thought she was dating an employer, instead she was upset when people thought she had a “thing” for a man with a disability.

Perhaps she didn’t realized people with disabilities might use her service.The suggestions this woman made about me dating other people with disabilities has surprisingly been made by a lot of my progressive friends.Whenever I ask for dating tips, some have asked me if I tried dating women with disabilities.I have seen talk shows where guests are vilified for saying they would never date men in wheelchairs.

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However, I have also seen many programs that refer to these type of relationships as taboo.

Being advised to stick to your own kind is ironic coming from people who claim to be anti-racist.

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