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03-Oct-2017 08:04

Handled Stringto Integer Direct Cast(sender, Text Box). With the "-" character you can change the integer from positive to negative and back again. Show("Please Enter a Number from 1 to 10") End If Text Box1. Focus() End Sub "."c Then Msg Box("Please Enter Numbers only", Msg Box Style. Length End If End Sub Then whenever the user enters text it evaluates the string and only returns numeric values that are within the bounds of a standard Integer. Then a combination of 'Shift' key and 'Number' keys (which denotes Symbols) also not needed. Hence all these are included in the Text Box declaration itself which produces the desired result. I would think it odd to have those up/down arrows on an input field where I am expected to enter a number in thousands or millions, like dollar amounts. Key Char = "" End Sub True, although Numeric Up Down is usually best for entering smaller numbers. If your user cannot tell why he can only enter numbers in your Text Box, your application likely has a bigger UI problem. Moreover, in your case, you would probably prefer to handle the Validating event. Here's a simple one, let user's freely type their entry then trap the error later: Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System. Text) 'This check if entry can be converted to 'numeric value from 0-10, if cannot return a negative value. To Int32(the Entry) If the Number This is not a good answer. Enter Then 'put your code here End If End Sub Public Function non Number Entered(By Val e As System. Key Event Args, _ By Val ob As Text Box, _ Optional By Val decim As Boolean = False) As Boolean non Number Entered = False If decim Then ' Determine whether the keystroke is a number from the top of the keyboard.

Right Then ' A non-numerical keystroke was pressed. Shift Then non Number Entered = True End If End Function This will allow numbers like 2/4 or numbers like 3.5 to be entered in your textbox if using decim "non Number Entered(e, Textbox1, True)". Handled = True End If End Sub Private Sub Data_Key Press(sender As Object, e As Key Press Event Args) Handles Data. Good web apps perform validation as users type or leave input fields. First, in any case, unless your application would require, blocking user's key entry is somehow not a good thing to do, users may misinterpret the action as problem on the hardware keyboard and at the same time may not see where their keypreesed entry error came from. Click Dim the Number As Integer Dim the Entry As String = Trim(Text Box1.

This may be too late, but for other new blood on VB out there, here's something simple.

I don't want it to take a string or any number above 10. Key Press '97 - 122 = Ascii codes for simple letters '65 - 90 = Ascii codes for capital letters '48 - 57 = Ascii codes for numbers If Asc(e.