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All our products ordered factory direct come with a full one-year factory warranty.

We also offer an Extended Service Plan on select models that will provide two additional years of warranty for .95. The PASSPORT Max2 allows you to Mark locations of interest, Block false radar and laser alerts, tracks vehicle speed in real-time, and allows sensitivity based on the vehicle speed.

Our Auto Learn software then compares signals received over time and eliminates audio alerts for non-police sources.

The display will identify that a signal is present but no audio alert will be sounded.

Here are the latest details of the Programming for each day.

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The PASSPORT Max2 comes complete with a soft-sided travel case, NEW magnet "Sticky Cup" windshield mount feature, 12-volt Smart Cord® and quick reference guide.Bouchercon 2017 Daily Schedules in PDFs: 20 on the 20 Spotlight Sessions schedule – last updated: 25Sep These are 20 minute spotlight sessions that occur on the hour and then at 20 minutes past the hour and 20 minutes to the next hour.The author in the spotlight does what they wish — it might be read, it might be give a brief talk, it might be an informal chat with folks in the audience.Once you've selected the label, press the "MRK" button again to confirm.

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To lockout a false alert, (X, K or Laser only) press the mute button three (3) times, (either on the detector or the Smart Cord®) during the alert.

These types of purchases at Other Travel Suppliers are called “Post Purchase Travel Redemptions”.