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05-Jan-2018 02:01

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Also new was that the release was targeted exclusively at Office 365 customers and not made available as a standalone product.

It required activation via online subscription and offered no method for entering a serial number for perpetual use of the product.

Some long-standing features were actually removed too. Update: In addition to Office 365, Outlook 15 supports POP, IMAP and Exchange Server 2010 SP2 or higher.

Visibly, not much was new apart from cosmetic changes such as an overall color change to Microsoft’s signature blue and white, font changes, updates to icons and a few user interface tweaks. Update: Outlook now has pre-emptive threading using Apple’s Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) threading model introduced in OS X 10.7.

In order to see what jobs are currently downloading, type in: BITSADMIN version 3.0 [ 7.5.7600 ] BITS administration utility. BITSAdmin is deprecated and is not guaranteed to be available in future versions of Windows.

Administrative tools for the BITS service are now provided by BITS Power Shell cmdlets.

My datatransferservice.log, my CAS.log, and Content Transfer all looked good.

The client found a local DP to download the content from.

Initial launch of the newly installed application welcomes the current user and displays information about faster search.In total, the package has over 3000 files and is about 180 MB in size.Issue The issue that was reported to me was that the content was not downloading.GUID: DISPLAY: ‘CCMDTS Job’ TYPE: DOWNLOAD STATE: ERROR OWNER: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM PRIORITY: LOW FILES: 146 / 3805 BYTES: 4752558 / UNKNOWN CREATION TIME: 5/12/2010 AM MODIFICATION TIME: 5/12/2010 AM COMPLETION TIME: UNKNOWN ACL FLAGS: NOTIFY INTERFACE: REGISTERED NOTIFICATION FLAGS: 11 RETRY DELAY: 60 NO PROGRESS TIMEOUT: 2419200 ERROR COUNT: 147 PROXY USAGE: NO_PROXY PROXY LIST: NULL PROXY BYPASS LIST: NULL ERROR FILE: Files/Hummingbird/Connectivity/9.00/Host Explorer/SDK/Samples/OHIO/Visual C Samples/HEOhio Sample/My Tab - C:\Windows\system32\CCM\Cache\CEN00119.1.

System\Program Files/Hummingbird/Connectivity/9.00/Host Explorer/SDK/Samples/OHIO/Visual C Samples/HEOhio Sample/My Tab ERROR CODE: 0x80190194 – HTTP status 404: The requested URL does not exist on the server.

The only versioning Microsoft has provided is “15.3” as shown in Outlook’s About Outlook menu.