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John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Salisbury, North Carolina Sketch on front cover by Betty Masingo Sedberry Printed in the U. He was the middle child of the nine children of Jacob Rothrock and his wife, Esther Ziegler Rothrock. In addition to the "town church" he served Union Church and St. Returning to Penn- sylvania in 1835, he was pastor of congregations in St. Martha Hines Morehead, one of the editors for The Heritage and History of St. There was a "price to pay" for these gifts, not to exceed 25c" — later 500. The Eva Peeler Class has remained since organization a beneficial auxiliary of the church. A number of prints of this photo of Samuel Rothrock are extant. In the early years there was an election held for these offices. After a short term the mis- sionary teacher was succeeded by Mr. Book fees, lunches, and clothing were also provided. In the nineteen-forties, in keeping with ULCA policy, Pastor Brown discouraged many of the money-raising projects. Morgan was authorized to register for food ration books and to buy the staple groceries used to prepare meals, and waste paper and coat hangers were saved to sell and buy defense stamps. Several months later letters were re- ceived expressing thanks. THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA AT CHAPEL HILL THE COLLECTION OF NORTH CAROLINIANA PRESENTED BY James F. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church Salisbury, North Carolina through 1983 Volume II Edited by Martha Withers Agner Martha Hines Morehead Published by the authority of St. Originals of the above photographs were in that trunk. Davidson, published by Briarpatch Press, Davidson, NC, 1983) SAMUEL ROTHROCK (1809-1894) The life experiences of the Rev. He attended "a regular old field school" for three months per year from the age of six to four- teen years. John Daniel Kurtz, preaching in both the German and English languages. In December the class had a Christmas party in lieu of the regular class meeting. Some of the homes remembered for these occasions were those of Mildred Beaver, Virginia Goodnight, Virginia Beaver, and Lillian Peeler. Two of the above named teachers, Ruth Uzzell and Ellen Trexler, were recognized in 1981 for having given St. Adam Walser reported on and received approval for 0.00 to complete til- ing the kitchen; Carrie Barger continued her role as Santa Claus, stuffed with pillows and jingling bells; the beloved teacher, Mrs. During the fifties generous monetary contributions were continued for needy families, charity groups, improvement of church facilities, or- phans, shut-ins, and for their own members in times of need or sorrow. John's 33 Monthly class meetings continued with frequent covered dish suppers. The Heritage and History of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church provided by Archibald Caldwell Rufty is dedicated to the glory of God in memory of his great-grandfather REV. Boinest Brown owns an old trunk which has been passed down through the Phebe Arey-Lewis Tobias Brown line. Jensson's American Lutheran Biographies published in 1890, tells of Rothrock's educational and pastoral experiences. His first experience was "supply pastor" for three weeks, substi- tuting for Dr. In addition to the Sunday morning lessons, the Eva Peeler Class held monthly class meetings in the homes of individual members. The minutes showed a sincere concern for welfare of members with regular visits to the sick and sorrowing. Evidence of the effect of World War II was recorded in the records of the Snider Class in 1942 when an .75 war bond was purchased and "placed in Mr. In 1949 a barbecue supper was enjoyed by 140 people; Mrs. Johnston, commended the members on their cooperation and interest. Kesler won a prize for recounting her most embarrassing moment and bringing the most laughter from the group. The family name and burial ground were still evi- dent in recent years in Leiselheim, Germany, a part of that section known as the Palatinate, and now a suburb of Worms, the city where Martin Luther was tried. He did not serve Union in 1843, but continued with St. Stephen's in Cabarrus County (three miles west of Gold Hill in Rowan County) to his pastoral responsibilities. Stephen's, Luther's, and "John's"; however, from 1846 through 1853, he served only Organ and St. In the following year, the size of this charge increased when a fourth church, Ebenezer on the Old Beatty Ford Road, was added to Organ, St. From 1880 until 1885 Rothrock served only Organ and Ebenezer. He ended his active ministry after he returned to Luther's church to serve as pastor in 18. The name of a child, usually a little girl, was sent to the class members. Snider Memorial Bible Class* The following story was written by Annie Graham Julian and Mary Elizabeth Sweet Rufty: The Snider Memorial Bible Class was organized in the fall of 1916 at the home of Mrs. The first teacher [name not known] was a non-Lutheran missionary who worked at the YMCA Names of charter members were remem- bered as Mrs. Stephen's, but in 1854 he added a third church, Lutheran (then called "Luther's") Chapel near China Grove. Matthew's on the Bringle Ferry Road, Friedens in Guilford County, and St. Samuel Rothrock kept a meticulous record in diaries that begin in 1834 and end in 1893, and are located in two places. At the request of the class the child sent her list of things wanted for Christmas including clothes, toys, and school supplies. She was born in the year of the rabbit and admits to a non-aggressive, non-confrontational personality typical of this zodiac sign.The Chinese rabbit also is associated with sophistication, artistic skills and intellect.

“It’s also a platform to reach young people and get them involved in our programs.” Staging the festival during a centennial year allows for more glitz and glamour.

“I’m proud to be Chinese, and having a deeper understanding of my heritage allows me to better communicate with my parents and others.” The Chinese Chamber of Commerce has given Au and its members a platform to be visible in the community, to represent their ethnic heritage and to facilitate success.

In the final analysis, that’s what the Narcissus Festival really represents.

“The peony is known as the king of flowers,” Au says. I chose this floral design because it symbolizes what is a growing period for me.” Growing into womanhood with a title of Narcissus Queen can only enhance one’s confidence and opportunities, Au believes.

“This is a journey of reorienting and re-evaluating myself.The Rothrocks were said to be descendants of Huguenots, French Protestants who were per- secuted in their homeland and sought refuge elsewhere. Thomas, Mercersburg, Mc Connelsburg, and Smoketown. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Salisbury, North Carolina, through 1983, noted the extent of Rothrock's ministry as follows when ..returned to North Carolina in October of 1836, to serve once again "John's" and St. In 1837 he was pastor of those churches and Union again as well. To- day the Christmas season is celebrated with a covered dish dinner and program when a class member may invite her husband or a special guest. Sarah Peeler, Sister Catharine Stirewalt, Ruth Diehl Riddle, Mrs. Dedicated service has been given in church work and organized charitable groups. It was first known as the Von Bora Bible Class, having been named for Catherine von Bora, wife of Martin Luther.

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