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to drag your fingernails across someone's skin (usually their face) in an effort to inflict pain and at least leave thick pink weals. Example: Sarah had a screamer last night when she remembered falling down flat on her face at the club, right in front of a some cute guys she knew. A word used to mean messed up, distorted, beat up, or otherwise changed negativly. Matt, give that back now or Joel's gonna screw-ching you. A really long web page that goes on forever and requires a lot of scrolling to get downto the bottom and back up to the top. Truly have no idea how to play the game but think they do (b. Use cheap and annoying tactics/play styles constantly.

Unhealthy skin color, characteristic of persons who spend all summer inside, in front of a computer monitor. Example: I wanted to read the articles, but it was all scrolly and my eyes were tired. Most scrubs think th Example: Today I went to the arcade and beat on a couple of scrubs.

A scientist who rejects truth and knowledge for spin-doctoring, bad science, fake science, cooking the books, etc.--for political purposes. Scorpies also usually command giant starships and huge confederate empires. That is, a person who is a square and knows it, but takes a sort of subdued and tense pride in her squareness. An extremely embarrassing moment which causes you to scream into your pillow at night. the kind of finger-scratching one does under the chin of a cat.

Example: Many scientists turn into scipols because they are politically beholden to those who provide their funding. It was created by my eldest son 8 years ago, and is used daily by all 5 members of our immediate family. Scorpies also tend to assault people for absolutely no apparant reason, eat explosives, and are immortal. Example: Next thing I knew, the scorpy snatched my lunch box from my hands and ate my lunch. Example: My geology teacher last semester was a real scoyner, he showed us a picture of him collecting rock samples on his honeymoon. Usually occurs when all of a sudden you become painfully aware that you are humiliated by something you have said or done. Howzabout we go out in the non-virtual world for a burger or something? often done on the heads of people in fandom or furry communities. By the time he was done I was melted into a little puddle on the floor.

RETURNS JANUARY 19 AT 11 PMThe Guy Is Back in a New Season of High Maintenance New episodes of the critically acclaimed comedy are coming soon.

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When faced with a complicated equation that persistently refuses to work out, merely multiply whatever answer you do have by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant--which is just a good name for the day's expected top temperature. I'll just mulitply it by the Safstrom-Phillips Non-Constant and use whatever I get. Also refers to Photoshop era that we live in, the sampledelic era. Example: Some thought that Grant was a real jerk,but those of us who knew him best realized his caustic remarkswere nothing more than his attempts at sarcomedy. Occurs on a Saturday night when you and your two cronies just add to the non-existing girl-guy party ratio. Read Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler to see fin, sawbuck, and double sawbuck in action.] Example: The cost to get into the club has gone up to a sawbuck now. Example: Have you ever played Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and watched _Wizard of Oz_ at the same time? The other day, my roommate flipped out 'cause I left a piece of toast on the table ... To advertise a job opening as one thing or to have one set of requirements--only for the applicant to find out the job is nowhere like what was described on the internet or in the newspaper.

See how, and learn what you can do to help too.\r\n","href":"/hbo-news/holiday-giveback-how-to-get-involved","type":"text","title":"HBO Celebrates the Holiday Season With a Mission to Share"},],"header":},"band":"Basic Card"}"HOLIDAY GIVEBACKHBO Celebrates the Holiday Season With a Mission to Share For the third consecutive year, the company passed on its annual holiday party, opting to donate time, skills and dollars to local communities instead. HOLIDAY GIVEBACKHBO Celebrates the Holiday Season With a Mission to Share For the third consecutive year, the company passed on its annual holiday party, opting to donate time, skills and dollars to local communities instead. In the coming of age comedy, Hugh Grant’s signature charming cynicism meets its match in 13-year-old Nicholas Hoult. \r\n\r\n","type":"text","align":"right","title":"About a Boy Brings Out the Very Best of Hugh Grant"}},"band":"Promotional Single Item"}"The behind-the-scenes story of groundbreaking documentary An American Family, which catapulted a Santa Barbara family to notoriety while creating a new television genre: the reality series.\r\n\r\n","title":"Cinema Verite"},,,],"title":},"band":"Two Column Collection"}"Vivian Bearing (Emma Thompson), a single-minded English professor, reflects on her life and work as she battles ovarian cancer, in this Mike Nichols-directed adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play.

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And those are exactly the types of claims researchers love putting to the test.

John Wirtz, an advertising professor at the University of Illinois, conducted a meta-analysis of 78 peer-reviewed studies that examined the efficacy of sex appeals in ads.Chiseled abs and bikinis can sell just about anything, right? ads—and countless others—you’d think that’d be true.

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