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15-Nov-2017 10:23

Day 3 - Our last day on exponent rules was spent playing the Karuta game from Dont' Panic, The Answer is 42.I already had the cards cut and laminated from last year, so this was an easy lesson to implement. A few weeks ago, I had someone ask me what superpower I would love to have. I am terrible at getting students to see that most of their prior knowledge of exponent rules is wrong.

So, they actually found it necessary to listen to my explanation... I tried last year to have my students discover the rules for themselves.

I started out by pairing the students up and having them match the exponent rule question cards with the exponent rule answer cards.

After checking their answers, I had them switch decks and repeat.

I think it was a good mix of exploring the reasons behind the rules, memorizing the rules, and having fun.

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