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Here, too, we can think of impulse regulation along a continuum ranging from over-control to under-control, with healthy personalities falling somewhere in the middle between these two extreme poles.

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These problems can manifest as either over-controlled or under-controlled impulses.

On the one hand, we need to control our impulses and to consider the consequences of acting upon an impulse.

Having considered the consequences, we then decide how to act accordingly.

At other times, we may have been too controlled, failing to take a risk that would have ultimately benefitted us. People with personality disorders are distinguished by the rigidity of their pattern of over- or under-control, and the severity and persistence of their impulse control problems.

Rigid and persistent over-control of impulse can manifest itself as inhibition, reluctance to do anything that involves any type of uncertainty or risk, reluctance to start new things or try new activities, and over-conscientiousness or scrupulousness.(Under-controlled impulse control is commonly called a "lack of impulse control".