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We feel great sadness and loss in your resignation. You have asked questions no one else has asked, and refused to accept obfuscation, lies, or evasions in response.You have done this without self-aggrandizement, and with respect for the body of which you are a part.After school they would gather, transfixed, around the hi-fi console blaring this new live album from their hero. I wonder if you like this album, but I’m more interested in what you think of this story, both as a Ray Charles fan and as one who studies how American culture is formed.Does it surprise you that Ray Charles could be their towering figure, or that 1950s white middle class kids could be pulled so far into black music without any help from Elvis?Since English is not my main language some lyrics are even more difficult to grab. Isn’t this one of the great joys of rock music that even “simple” lyrics may be rather difficult to understand?One of my favourite albums is by Van Morrison but I still find it hard to tell what the lyrics says to me. Many early songs by the Beatles have rather simple lyrics like “She loves you, and you know you should be glad.” But sometimes the lyrics are not as simple as they seem. – Christer “I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill” has always confused me. As a friend said of the Angels’ “My Boyfriend’s Back”—“I don’t get it. ” Yes, it’s those that are far deeper conundrums than anything Bob Dylan ever wrote.But the real test is, do you go back to it, either in mind or by putting it on?

For these white middle class kids, Charles’ savage howling on “The Right Time” and, especially, the six wailing minutes of “I Got A Woman” were moments of transformative freedom. Dad’s answer: “We would scream.” Fats Domino made fine music, but they wanted to BE Ray Charles.Respectfully, Greil and Jenny Marcus is by far Robbie’s best solo album.

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