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27-Nov-2017 20:35

The story lays emphasis on how the society ascribes shame to different women. Loudspeaker (2009)One of the few movies where Mammooty plays the character of a simple man, Loudspeaker is the story of Mike Philippose.

He's always barefoot, carries an old tape recorder and has obnoxiously loud opinions.

The boy got very close to Greg and said, ‘Kiss me.’ Greg said no, but the boy wouldn’t go away. Then, while I was tying my shoe, he smacked my rear end.”​— Bethany.

In fact, Greg had to push the boy away from him.“Last year, a boy kept telling me that he liked me and that he wanted to go out with me, even though I constantly told him no.

For way too long, Malayalam movies have earned a bad rep for being over-the-top and unrealistic.

While there's no denying the fact that such movies do exist, doesn't every film industry have some of those?

He got it into his head that he was going to ‘have me.’ He pestered me almost every day​—for a whole year.He's the strong wind of happiness and change that sweeps away people's sadness and makes them smile.Though the storyline isn't extraordinary, Mammooty's acting is par excellence and the movie is sure to leave you with a happy feeling. Neelathamara (2009)Neelathamara is about a woman's faith which has the power to make a blue lotus bloom in the pond near the local temple.I ignored what they said for a few weeks, but it just got worse and worse. I realized that I should have gone to the teacher at the beginning!

Then the boys started to sit beside me and put their arms around me. Finally, one of the guys handed me a piece of paper with a derogatory message. My brother Greg was approached in the bathroom by another boy.The four siblings live away from home, and it's her brutal murder that gets them back together.

If the resident has a history of being abused, or has difficulty giving consent, then the home, the guardian and the resident should devise a “plan of care” to prevent abuse while still permitting loving relationships, she said.… continue reading »

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Sarah has been at it again this week on Twitter attacking CVS Pharmacy for putting her through hell in order to get a life-saving medication.… continue reading »

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"Conveniently have 'something going on' when she wants to hang out with this person, and asks you to join," Gandhi suggests. But "the more you can keep the peace, and let her have her village, the better your life will be," Gandhi says.… continue reading »

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