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21-Jun-2017 07:53

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isten up, guys—if you’re wondering why you’re not getting as much interest online as you’d like, let’s take a closer look at your profile.

While it may look fine to you and your buddies, what women find appealing—or off-putting—is a whole lot different. Check out our list of seven common mistakes men make, and, if you’re guilty of any of them, use our quick, gal-friendly fixes to get the online attention you deserve.

“Lots of people don’t put much thought into their essay, and that’s why online dating doesn’t work for them,” says Evan Marc Katz, CEO of and author of .

“Most people consider their love life as important as their job, yet they’re doing the online equivalent of sending out a resume that’s only a quarter-page long.” Female-friendly fix: Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to create the perfect essay and start by simply letting the reader know about you. “A man’s vanity can come through in the pictures he posts,” says Griffen.

Female-friendly fix: Aside from a sentence or two about what you do, what you like best about it, and maybe a funny anecdote, leave the chit-chat about your 9-to-5 for later.

Instead, focus on what you like to do when you leave your office—these activities make better indicators of your personality and energy level, which have more to do with compatibility than where you punch the clock.

“Women are actually looking for real men, not someone who talks about how he cried at ,” says Griffen.Most people online are genuinely looking for love, but a name that makes fun of the process (or yourself) sends a very different message.

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