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20-Dec-2017 05:57

To do so we need to add a service which is responsible to send emails to users, in my case I’ll use Send Grid which is service provider for sending emails, but you can use any other service provider or your exchange change server to do this.

If you want to follow along with this tutorial you can create a free account with Send Grid which provides you with 400 email per day, pretty good!

In the next post we’ll see how we’ll implement Json Web Token (JWTs) Authentication and manage access for all the methods we added until now.

Nextcloud solved part of this problem in their own way.

Nextcloud gives you a straightforward solution: use cloud approach and still keep your data on your home computer. There is no point in keeping your files anywhere, if you can’t access them, right?

Thanks to the progress, secure remote access is easily solvable.

The method “Change Password Async” will take care of validating your current password, as well validating your new password policy, and then updating your old password with new one.

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Now to attach this class as the default password validator, all you need to do is to open class “Application User Manager” and use the code below: All other validation rules will take place (i.e checking minimum password length, checking for special characters) then it will apply the implementation in our “My Custom Password Validator”.It will be much easier to understand certain things, if the reader has basic understanding of how hashing and digital signatures work, but I did an effort to make it readable for any 🙂 Blockchain is a linked (chained) list of records, intended to serve particular purpose.As of today main application of such model was cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), with slight movement towards more generic use (Ethereum).In our case we want to send emails, so I’ve implemented the sending process using Send Grid in method “config Send Gridasync”, all you need to do is to replace the sender name and address by yours, as well do not forget to add 2 new keys named “email Service: Account” and “email Service: Password” as App Settings to store Send Grid credentials. Link("Get User By Id", new )); return Created(location Header, The Model Factory.

After we configured the “Email Service”, we need to hock it with our Identity system, and this is very simple step, open file “Application User Manager” and inside method “Create” paste the code below: As you see from the code above, the “app User Manager” instance contains property named “Email Service” which you set it the class we’ve just created “Email Service”. Create(user)); The implementation is straight forward, what we’ve done here is creating a unique code (token) which is valid for the next 6 hours and tied to this user Id only this happen when calling “Generate Email Confirmation Token Async” method, then we want to build an activation link to send it in the email body, this link will contain the user Id and the code created.

This is easy to implement, all you need to do is to open controller “Accounts Controller” and paste the code below: Notice how we are calling the method “Change Password Async” and passing the authenticated User Id, old password and new password.