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One only has to walk down Soi 22 a short while and make the first left turn to be right in front of the shop which has a small storefront but clear signage marking it.

To anyone who has some awareness of what the industry is like in different pars of the world Bit Style was clearly created by Japanese proprietors.

The shop offers what are called “soft services” in the Japanese industry.

This means pretty much everything short of intercourse.

That’s not the case at Bit Style where there don’t seem to be any women on staff that could be called unattractive, overweight or old.

Adding to the quality of the looks is the fact that the staff at Bit Style skews toward student age with many of the women being 19 or 20 years old with tight bodies and perky breasts.

If that wasn’t help enough to organize a session the management has assembled a clear and concise Power Point presentation that is shown on a flat screen television to explain how everything works.

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A lot of that reporting has focused on Thailand simply because it is probably the country with the most blowjob bars available to the average Joe.What the motivations for this are in Bangkok one can only speculate but I don’t know that I need to be aware of them in any case.Bit Style has integrated some of the best features of blowjob bars and handjob bars without any of the hassles.A finish on the breasts is available in the handjob session for an extra 200 Baht and the blowjob session can be extended an extra 5 minutes for free.

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There is also a VIP room available for an extra 100 Baht that includes a “head and ball massage” but I can’t comment on it.A thirty minute blowjob session is available for 1300 Baht () with the option to add another women for 1200 Baht more.

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But her private messages weren't from men wanting to employ her skills as a financial dominatrix: they were from other sex workers, asking for help. Adding "sex work strategy consultant" to her bio, she went from simply taking money from clients for her expert abuse, to showing other women how they, too, could profit.… continue reading »

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