Late night sexy chat lines

02-Aug-2017 03:35

Jen again looked over at the empty bed next to her and sighed again as she laid back down staring up at the ceiling.

She wished John was there, as she really liked fucking him in the morning after having erotic dreams.

Jen figured that even though she'd be bored during the day, at least she could be with John most evenings.

One summer, Jen and John were on a business trip to Brazil.

The noise woke her up in the middle of a very vivid, erotic dream.

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Jen grabbed her sunglasses, suntan oil and book and headed down to the pool.

Jen looked around and surveyed the pool to see there still wasn't anyone else there.

So, she pushed the straps of her G-string a bit lower on her hips to avoid too much of a tan line.

After laying a while in the sun, Jen decided it was time to flip over.

She got up, lowered the back of the lounge chair to be flat and laid back down on her stomach holding herself up on her elbows.

Her back started to arch as she tilted her head back toward the headboard. Jen was a little surprised no one was at the pool on such a nice day, but figured it made sense since they were staying at more of a business hotel than a resort.

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