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Boller rushed 30 times for 62 yards, and completed 116 of 224 passes for 1,260 yards with 7 TDs and 9 INTs.Boller started all 16 games the only time in his career in 2004.Coach Brian Billick declared Mc Nair the starter instead of having the two compete for the job, citing Mc Nair's credentials, including 2003 NFL Co-MVP, and Boller's propensity to turn over the ball.In Week 6 of the 2006 NFL season, Mc Nair was sacked by Carolina Panthers defenders Mike Rucker and Chris Draft.That victory clinched a playoff berth for the Ravens, who had already all but locked up their division.

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The Ravens held their own in the first half, limiting the Colts to only 3 points, and Boller looked solid in the pocket, leading the offense down the field to the red zone several times.After Mc Nair was injured in the first game of the 2007 season against the Cincinnati Bengals, Boller was given the opportunity to start.He came in late in the game and was unable to pull out a victory.He was the second quarterback selected from the Pac-10 conference after the Cincinnati Bengals selected Carson Palmer from USC with the first overall pick.

He started the first 9 games of the season, going 5–3, before being injured (thigh) in a game against the St. He was inactive for most of the rest of the season, being replaced by backup Anthony Wright, as he also had to have surgery to repair a muscle in his quadriceps.Then, after Mc Nair's throwing hand was stepped on against Cleveland on Dec.