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According to Martin, after the State added the sexual penetration charge, Lobato boasted that what she had done was overkill, but that “Darren” deserved it.

Martin testified that she contacted the district attorney's office after her conversations with Lobato and provided police detectives with a statement concerning them.

Brian Sandoval, Attorney General, Carson City; David J.

Navarro, Deputy Special Public Defender, Clark County, for Appellant.

The State ultimately filed an amended criminal complaint charging Lobato with separate counts of murder with the use of a deadly weapon and sexual penetration of a dead human body.

After a preliminary hearing, the justice court bound Lobato over for trial in district court on both offenses.

When asked if she hit the man with anything other than her knife, Lobato stated “No, but it's poss-I have a baseball bat that I keep behind my seat or had a baseball bat.” Lobato was vague about the exact date and details of the incident, claiming she was high on drugs.

The letter further stated that Brenda would personally assist Martin in any way possible.

While she requested a letter of recommendation to the parole board in exchange for her testimony, none was forthcoming.

During the State's direct examination, Martin admitted to a prior robbery conviction.

She admitted that one of the motions was based upon a claim that she was pregnant and that the pregnancy was high risk.

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Martin stated that, while she would have done whatever was necessary to get out of jail, she would not lie, have someone lie for her, or assist someone to lie to a court.Upon introducing himself to Lobato, Detective Thowsen stated he understood Lobato had been attacked in Las Vegas and been forced to defend herself. In response to a statement by Detective Thowsen that he “knew she'd been hurt in the past,” referring to his knowledge that Lobato was molested when she was six years old, Lobato began to cry and said, “I didn't think anybody would miss him.”Detective Thowsen then administered warnings pursuant to Miranda v.

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