Jesse mccartney dating katie cassidy

27-Sep-2017 13:04

He once told me he couldn't remember his mother ever kissing him.

I'm sure that the various psychological problems he had, including an insatiable need for attention, had their origins right there.

It felt like every part of my body came unglued at once.

I began to shake and convulse out of pain, fear and rejection.

By now, I had decided that school had nothing to offer me and that my interests lay in sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

I grew my hair long, dyed it blond, and started playing the guitar in bands with various friends.

David Cassidy's wholesome image won obsessive devotion from his teenage fans.

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When his business manager hired a small plane to fly him home, he tried to grab the controls from the pilot, screaming: 'I'm going to see my father.' He had to be wrestled away and strapped back in his seat. In 1961, worried that I was becoming a juvenile delinquent, Mum decided we should move to Los Angeles so that I could have more contact with my father.

From that day, I've had problems trusting people, problems with rejection, problems with finding lasting, loving relationships.

During my teenage years and my time as a star, I led a lifestyle that would have shocked my fans and was a world away from my innocent, unthreatening image.

My relationship with my father was at the heart of all this. According to family lore, when his mother bore him at the age of 48, she was embarrassed by this unwanted change-of-life child - as if she believed a woman of her age shouldn't be having sex any more, much less children.

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It took me years to rid myself of the darkness and pain I felt as the result of his selfishness - yet for all his flaws, I worshipped him. She handed him over to a woman a few houses away, who nursed and looked after him.'Maybe in a play they are..not in real life.' My parents, Jack Cassidy and Evelyn Ward, are actors. She takes a long breath and says: 'Why don't you ask your father that?

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