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You would think we could use the AND operator like so: =LEN([SSN])=11 AND (MID(SSN,4,1)="-"). We can use this fact to create a formula that is easier to read, like so: This tells Share Point to take the result of the first condition, add it to the result of the second condition and see if the combined result is 2. With this formula, both pieces of criteria must be met for Share Point to allow the entry: Now that we have a simple way to check for multiple conditions, we can add a check for the second dash in the seventh position: is a digit. Click here for a chart you can use to look up ASCII values.However Share POint doesn’t like that and will tell us “The formula contains a syntax error or is not supported.” Ugh! If you think that’s difficult to read (not to mention write and debug) with only two pieces of criteria, wait until we have 21 pieces of criteria! The number 0 has an ASCII value of 48 and the number 9 has an ASCII value of 57.Although Share Point 2010 does allow Column Validation, Regular Expressions are not supported.

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Now you know everything you need to know to finish the formula to have it check for digits in the other eight positions.Click here to access information about the formulas that are available in Share Point 2010 and how to use them.Validate a Social Security Number in Share Point 2010 Let’s begin by seeing how we might validate a Social Security Number in Share Point 2010.Or perhaps we use Social Security Numbers in Share Point (if you do, I’m sure you have the appropriate security in place) and need to insure they always follow the same format of three digits, a dash, two digits, a dash, and four digits.

We may want to make sure that phone numbers always follow the format of three digits, a dash, three digits, a dash, and four digits.Let’s edit the column and create a formula to check only the number of characters. Let’s validate that the fourth character is a dash.

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