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To ensure that your children qualify for the credit card, as well as to help them truly build credit, consider opening a new joint credit card account with your child.Adding the child to your existing credit card (also known as "piggybacking") helps an individual to build a credit history too.By being able to watch over their shoulders, you'll be sure the dog doesn't eat their payment, they don't get duped into wasteful monthly charges and identity thieves don't hit the jackpot.The best time to put a card in your children's wallets is in high school; however, instead of a credit card, start them with a debit card that deducts the money directly from a bank account.Fortunately, it is still possible to teach your children good credit habits, particularly if you start while they're still under your roof.As to why kids or teens even need credit, here are a few reasons parents might agree to get their kids some plastic.Whether it's weekly allowance or a paycheck from their first jobs, they'll get used to the responsibility of carrying a card and not buying more than they can afford to pay for.To avoid overdraft fees, consider using an account that offers overdraft protection or help them with a system to track their spending as they go.

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Credit scores are far less dependent (only 15% of the total score) on how long someone has used credit.If there is one trap that virtually every young adult seems to fall into and that sometimes might even require a rescue from mom or dad, it's credit card debt.

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