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18-Jul-2017 21:35

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'I’ve been enjoying that,' the Flintstones actress said of her break from pursuing romance.

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" Berry, 34, named after Halle Brothers, a famous department store in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, was born to a white mother from Liverpool and a black father. Swordfish, a violent thriller, also stars Britain's Vinnie Jones as a gangster.The private new couple have kept their relationship under wraps for at least a few months as they were spotted leaving separately from uber-romantic Il Cielo restaurant in Beverly Hills in July.In August, Halle told PEOPLE magazine that she was taking a break from dating after her divorce from French actor Olivier Martinez in 2016.Wrapped up in a long, silk green trench coat, Halle forged ahead with Alex placing a gentle hand around her arm.

The couple's appearance comes as sources claim they're already 'smitten' with each other. He produces and he’s got real street cred.'Halle wore a pair of sexy tight black leather pants and matching black leather booties for their night out on the town.

Sitting next to Travolta and Hugh Jackman, the actor with whom she performed the topless scene, she said: "Initially I had reservations.

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The first time was in elementary school; a blond boy with dirty clothes and flies perpetually circling his face spat the word at me while on a swing. ”“Not at all, I said, full of cosmopolitan bravado. Almost immediately after, a white pickup blazed passed us, a little too close to the curb. Then it had happened the third and final time.“Nigger! My coworker, who was white, seemed incredulous, almost embarrassed, and a little scared. ” Then, he looked at me and saw my face, brown and burning, tears swelling against the bridge of my nose. I’m sorry.”I remember thinking at the time about how absurd it was. Did he think that I would hold him responsible in some way, like some collective condemnation for all bigots of the world? I grew up in the eighties, but I was only one generation removed from drinking out of the “Blacks Only” fountain. I began to overanalyze the incident, rewinding and replaying. Because no matter what, nothing changed the fact that we loved to cook and garden together, and debate the latest outrage in in bed on Sunday mornings.… continue reading »

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