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23-Dec-2017 22:44

The bot is only as good as the answers that have been pre-programmed into it.Unfortunately, we haven’t yet reached the point where these virtual beings can come up with their own answers and improvise on the spot!At one point, you could even have turned your Pandora Bot into an AIM Messenger bot but apparently AIM has done something to disable that feature (pesky AIM! I am hoping the feature comes back soon and if it does, I’ll profile it here on Geeks Are Sexy.There’s also so much more on the Pandora Bots site that I haven’t touched on yet which might form the basis of another article in itself.It takes time for a new-born to develop speech skills and question-answering techniques.

Browder was only 19 years old when he created this app and Watson’s cognitive APIs helped him build stronger AI into his app in a matter of just weeks.

People began contacting him asking for help with other legal issues relating to evictions, bankruptcies, and repossessions, so he decided to expand the capabilities of the bot to help homeless people.