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Looking over at the clock he sees he doesn't have long until his mom gets home, so he hurriedly types a reply to her. She hadn't been able to concentrate on her work all day. "Dam, I'm gonna have to sort that all out," Janice sighed. I've got more important things to do." Janice almost giggled as she skipped over the pile and headed up to her room. Locking her bedroom door behind her she spread the assortment of newly purchached lingerie out on her bed. Sheer and skimp panties with half bra and garters covered the bed. She'd win back her man if it was the last thing she did. He had given up waiting for his mom last night and had gone to bed. It was still downloading when he got out of the shower. " What the hell did she send me anyway" John walked down to the end of the hall and called out. Mom, you still here." He knew she would be half way to work by this time, but he always made sure before venturing into her room that she was no where abouts. Her long legs spread wide, showing off what appeared to be her newly shaven pussy through a pair of crotchless panties. John dick was rock hard as he looked at the view before him. She had looked for listings in the phone book earlier this morning, as was surprised to discover that there was an adult shop so near her work. She paused a moment to let her eyes adjust to the dimly lite room. It assaulted her senses as she stood there and gaped at the sight before her.. Maybe she was out of touch with her womanhood after all. " You needn't worry your self about what kind of woman I... "Thank you, I'm sorry I was a little cross but I'm in a bit of a hurry," Janice just wanted to get out of there as fast as she could. ******************************************** Making Mother my SLUT 5 (Jumping Jack Jiggles) Janice sat impatiently at a stoplight, waiting for it to change. Let's go," she muttered as she wiggled her bottom back and forth, enjoying the feeling as the lips from her fiery pussy rubs slightly together. "I don't have all day." she said as she absent mindedly reached up to massage her big breasts through her blouse.She felt guilt and embarrassment over the photo she'd sent, to a virtual stranger no less. He smiled knowingly to himself as he sees her hurriedly grabbing her papers and briefcase, then practically run to the front door. Getting no reply he pushed open the door and looked around. Her bed was still unmade and clothes littered the floor. The new message had down loaded and he excitedly opened it up. She also had her massive mams encased in a matching half bra, which did a wonderful job of pushing them up and out for the taking. He pulled out his young dick and began to slowly stroke the hard shaft. Could he have ment..." Janice chewed at her bottom lip as she tried to think this through. "Just go in, get what you need and leave," she told herself. The small shop had the musky smell of cigarettes and sex, and was packed with a variety of porno movies and plastic dildos of every size. "You gonna buy something lady, or are you just gonna stand there and drool over them? I mean SHE is, just please show me what the standard assortment for a woman would be! She felt like a foolish c***d at having to ask a man something she believe she should already now about. She felt her nipples grow hard as they pushed and strained against the rough fabric of her bra. She couldn't wait to get home and check her e-mail. She would promise herself that she wasn't going to let herself be distracted during work, that she would set aside her personal life until the end of the day.Making Mother a Slut John raced up to his room and tosses his bookbag carelessly onto his bed.Looking at the clock he noticed he still had a good two hours before his mom got home from work. He had found the singles ad his mother had placed while searching in her room for the stack of playboys she had confis**ted from him. He had never thought of his mother as needing companionship.He had put everything back the way he had found it and took the ad back with him to his room. Mom's going to make this easier than I thought." He called up the photo next. She had a leg thrown over each arm, exposing her bald pussy to the camera.

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Still, John thought, he could get back at her for taking away his stash of magazines by playing a little joke on her. In the photo, she was sitting in the large plush chair she kept in her room.

Her panties had been lightly rubbing against her newly shaved snatch all day long, and had made it very sensitive. No not swivel...swivel......" 5 o'clock rolled around and everyone began to pack up and head toward the elevators. You coming or are you planing to spend the night here." She shook her head as if coming out of a dream. As her excitement built her foot pushed harder and harder against the accelerator.

Checking to make sure no one was looking her way then tried swivelling the chair back to the left. " she moaned out as she felt her pussy twinge from her panties silky touch This time people had heard her, and she blushed deep red while trying to play it off as nothing more than a leg cramp. Janice sat at her desk slowly rocking back and forth in her chair with a lazy day dream expression across her face. She was well over the speed limit by the time she shot by the police car. Just what I needed." Janice cursed as she saw the red lights flash in her rearview window. Just tell him your sorry, get the ticket and get home.

Janice watched as she slowly approached her car, then pause as she looked into the backseat.

A look of disgust crossed her face as she shook her head and walked up to the window.How am I suppose to know you really WANT me to keep mailing you?!? He had mailed her back all right, but only to express his disappointment in her. Janice watched the clock slowly tick out her last hour of work. If this was going to work, he knew he would have to make things happen in a way she'd be able to rationalize. Playing out erotic little fantasies about her e-mail man and what he might have her do.