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First commissioned by Thomas Jefferson and employing 70,000 workers during World War II, the Brooklyn Navy Yard remained dormant, finally sold to New York City by the federal government in 1967 for ,000,000. Steiner began development of what has become New York City's largest television and movie production facility sitting on 20 of the Navy Yard's nearly 300 acres.

The facility also features a 100-seat screening room and a full commissary, on-site parking, 24/7 security and lighting and grip equipment services.

Among the major motion pictures filmed at Steiner Studios are The Producers: The Movie Musical, Fur, Then She Found Me, The Tourist, Across the Universe, The Hoax, Funny Games, The Nanny Diaries, Life Support, Spider-Man 3, Men in Black 3, Mr.

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Office and support spaces have access to satellite uplinks and a high-speed data backbone.