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15-Nov-2017 04:00

doctor said my bilirubin is reading high at 40 and 15-18 is normal she said it might mean a blockage in the liver or gallstones.hello, I recently found out that have Gilberts syndrome Gilbert's syndrome its a condition where you have high bilirubin levels, it is a life long condition that i was born with though only found out last year!!Gilberts is not life treatening and doesnt cause ill health but your liver doesnt work as well so toxins and illness take longer to clear out of our system.have you noticed any yellowness, the whites of my eyes turn yellow when ever i get ill and if I am ill for a long time my skin turns yellow too.

Just thought this may be helpful knowing that not all liver problems are serious, hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

but on its own gilberts is harmless, it just means that our livers dont work as well as everyone elses, which causes high bilirubin levels and takes us longer to get rid of toxins and viruses.