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Other meters can suddenly leap up to a much higher number as if by magic.

Keep an eye on the meter and if it’s behaving strangely or seems to be running a little too fast, you should probably bail from the taxi as soon as possible to avoid a dispute later.

The driver might decide to take a very convoluted and lengthy route to your destination, in order to clock up a higher fare.

This one is difficult to avoid when you’re new to an area because you don’t yet know the roads.

It’s best to keep an offline map on your smartphone to hand while you’re in the vehicle so you can see which direction you’re headed. Usually airports are connected to surrounding areas by buses and trains so it’s better to use these forms of transport instead since they're less expensive and less prone to scams.

If the driver seems to be deliberately steering way off course, then maybe it’s time to bail from the taxi or attempt to steer him back on course. Tuk-tuks are mainly used for short journeys by locals and tourists alike although the latter usually end up getting charged more.

This is all of course a ploy to get you to jump into the tuk-tuk so that he can take you to where he wants.

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Even if the meter is working normally, there’s yet another scam you could be subjected to.Although this is not an exhaustive list, it is representative of the most common types of scam found in the region and will greatly prepare you for your trip.