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As volunteers, we offer compassion and understanding.

In addition to our training, many volunteers have lost animals too, and experienced much of what most people feel at this difficult time.

Stress/Discomfort/Nervousness Language When dogs are stressed and nervous they exhibit many different kinds of behavior that either help relieve the stress they are feeling or appease a perceived threat.

While dogs like humans, yawn when they are tired, they are also much more likely to yawn when they are nervous.

Pet Loss Hotline volunteers are specifically prepared to help people cope with grief and bereavement in the pending or past loss of a companion animal.

Many medical topics are addressed at the "Pet Health Topics Site".

Dogs also lick because they like the taste of an owner's salty skin and out of habit.Often, gestures or actions that we assume mean one thing are actually the dog telling us the exact opposite, and determining what that wagging tail or exposed tummy really means can sometimes be the difference between a belly rub and a bite.