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My review might be vulgar and dumb, but I think this is interesting and probably holds some significance given the style of Nasomatto...I have an acquaintance who posseses a very keen nose, and is completely obsessed with fragrances and perfumes. It is not meant to be defamitory, racist, or offensive in anyway at all! *****************************************Disclaimer!!! Tim's Dirty Sex Jokes is full of Dirty Sex Jokes, hence the name. If you are easily offended by sex and body parts and jokes about sex and body parts then this is not the app for you! For more awesome Joke apps please search Brennanmoymedia in the store or just click it above!

A lot of American metal fans – including myself – were totally unaware of their music.

It was just recently that I was introduced to the band and exploring the albums has been an unexpected revelation.

For me, listening to Pump was like discovering an incredible band from the 1980s that I missed out on back in the day.

As many have claimed, it smells very similar to Carner Barcelona's Cuirs, but there are some subtle yet stark differences.

Whilst both have notes of oud, Cuirs smells spicier because of the caraway/cumin whereas Black Afgano is more bitter because of the incense.

It is also safe to wear any time in any location, and no, the police will not arrest you because you smell like a coffeeshop from the Netherlands during its rush hour.

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