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15-Aug-2017 11:00

” Which can be great, but more often than not it can just feel tacked on or unpolished.

Take the time to create a thoughtful, concise edit, and prioritize a strong overall presentation rather than squeezing out that last project right before your reviews.

The event will be aimed at photographers seeking feedback and guidance on their portfolios and practice.

The event will be limited to 90 participants and places will be offered on first come first served basis.

However, if you do use a tablet as your main portfolio, that’s just fine, but don’t load up your gallery with 500 images just because you can.

Keep it concise, just like you would a printed portfolio.

This is an approach I have always encouraged, and I was glad to see so many people agreed.

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I’ve done a lot of these “speed dating” type reviews over the years (ASMP and APA host them, and Palm Springs Photo Festival is also having one in October), and I’d like to share some thoughts about how you should prepare for them, and what you should and shouldn’t expect from your meetings.

Each individual session will last 15 minutes and will be led by internationally acclaimed photographers including; Anna Fox, Ori Gersht, Karen Knorr, Steffi Klenz, Catherine Yoss and Jean Wainwright.