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If we find her sympathetic, her actions are sensible and justified.

Occasionally, I’ll receive an email from a well-meaning publicist that desperately tries to put a positive spin on a negative reality. In any case, congratulations to Lawrence, KS for your impressive supply of desperate men.

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These kinky tales are not for the easily offended, and there are quite a number of unusual couplings: Jay Michaelson's feverish relationship between a girl and a boy-turned-wolf in "The Spirit That Denies" and Renee M.

Perhaps you too treat yourself to the NYT Vows section on Sundays. Women always say, ‘I didn’t love him at first, but he really grew on me.’ But you never hear a man say, ‘I thought she was very unattractive at first, but I started to like her.’” No less an expert on the sexes than Jane Austen would disagree. Darcy, finds Elizabeth Bennet at first only “tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me.” Then of course Miss Bennet, with her fine eyes and independent but loving spirit, grows on him until he is consumed with passion — as consumed with passion as an introverted-to-the-point-of-emotional-constipation English aristocrat can be. It does seems somewhat unusual for someone to be so explicit about her focus on wealth. The larger question to me is, What makes a gold-digger, anyway? and some other Austen characters, she does make clear that she will marry for love; indeed, to his shock, she turns down Darcy the first time he proposes.