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Anduin Lothar knows that land is lost, and so hatches a desperate plot; take the people away and enlist the aid of humanity's rivals, the Elves and Dwarves.

King Terenas summons the other leaders of his neighbour nations, and after some long discussions and planning, they agree to form the Alliance of Lordaeron.

It features Turalyon, King Terenas, Anduin Lothar, Orgrim Doomhammer, Gul'dan, Khadgar, Zul'jin, Cho'Gall and Alleria Windrunner as main characters.

The Orcish Horde, now led by Orgrim Doomhammer, has destroyed the nation of Azeroth.

Here, the Paladins are assembled; the battle is long and violent, with both sides struggling to gain the upper hand.

But eventually, the Horde "flees", though Anduin Lothar later realizes they had just been distracted. Meanwhile in the Hinterlands, we meet Kurdran Wildhammer, who discovers that the orcs are allied with the trolls, and ready to strike at Aerie Peak.

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In secret, Gul'dan plans to claim godlike powers and desert the Horde, and makes fake submission to Doomhammer.Somewhere around this point, Zuluhed finds out what the Demon Soul, which he found in a vision, is capable of, but realises he can't control that magic.He then summons his most trusted clanmember, Nekros Skullcrusher, and asks him to find out how to use the disk.However, there are internal conflicts in the Alliance.

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Greymane is not willing to lend anything but token support, and Alterac is also hesitant to join. However, in the Horde, internal conflicts are also present.However, the joy is short-sighted, as Alleria Windrunner realises that they have been tricked once again, and that the Horde is heading for Quel'Thalas.