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It’s outdated, it’s offensive, and it’s psychologically destructive for women, because it has the power to mislead girls into thinking that having one not-ideal sexual experience means that they have lost a part of themselves. Pitying and victimizing women doesn’t help them; it just dismisses the importance of female sexual agency.“In our society, if a guy wants to have sex with a lot of women, he is generally viewed as unethical and a jerk,” Vrangalova said.

“If you’re a female who wants sex with a lot of guys, not only are you a slut, but you also have ‘issues.’ You couldn’t possibly just want sex for fun, like guys do, so the desire must be coming from low self-esteem, depression, or because you’re ‘ugly’ and can’t get a boyfriend or whatever.

To me, it seems increasingly clear that what dating apps and our so-called hookup culture have actually ignited is a strong case of moral panic—the sort of reactionary hysteria that greeted the invention of the birth control pill and, more recently, the legalization of gay marriage.

If you revisit some of the panicky conservative responses to the sexual revolution in the ’60s, they read strikingly similarly to today’s cautionary tales about hookup culture.

In fact, a main argument in support of the Pill was that technology does not determine behavior, and studies have since validated this assertion: Unmarried women were having sex before the Pill; it was just less out in the open.

Other studies show that casual sex has little or no impact on longer-term psychological well-being, meaning things like self-esteem, life satisfaction, depression, and anxiety.”And is it true that a lot of casual sex interferes with one’s ability to form real, loving relationships?

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“Sex and love are two separate needs, and humans have both of them,” Vrangalova said.But the 20-something women in Sales’s article have no such luck; they all have bad sex and feel manipulated, creating the impression that women are forced into a hookup culture they are not comfortable with and have no control over.

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