Dating practices in germany

23-Aug-2017 18:49

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I really want to change that—having a half-English half-German scenario would be ideal for me, as we could communicate in whatever language makes the most sense at the moment, and it would still allow us both to improve on our second languages, but it’s a struggle to ‘force’ ourselves into that mode, unless our environment dictates one language or the other.” –Mirko and Natalye "If those in the relationship love each other then they understand each other on a much deeper level, and the language becomes less important. In German, the word “date” doesn’t really exist, certainly not with all the rules and codes that come with it, and Germans tend to either be too shy or too cool to date.

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My husband was able to understand how hard that decision was for me, and he supported me and dried my tears whenever I needed it.), I remembered that I hadn’t published one of my lists on German/American differences. Enjoy, and as always, let me know what you’d add to this list! I have a totally different resume for Germany than for the USA because of all the differences. You don’t really find fireworks in the USA for the new year. If a movie is in a different language in Germany, they will dub the movie instead of adding subtitles. To go along with #9, Germans have some of the best English I’ve ever heard or read. Germans are inquisitive and blunt about the United States (particularly politics) but they aren’t rude. They tend to go for a handshake or the kisses on the cheek (Germans do two kisses, one on each side). To go along with #19, Germans can’t handle my level of enthusiasm and excitement.

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