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03-Aug-2017 10:45

You start planning your whole day around it and it gets really stressful.I know of people who, when they first started transitioning, didn’t go to the bathroom all day and ended up with bladder infections.” his is why the trans community has been calling for more gender neutral loos in the UK – in public spaces, schools, universities, restaurants, clubs, bars and anywhere main objection to having a separate gender neutral loo alongside existing gendered ones is that it will make trans people feel different.

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London's Barbican Centre has now followed suit, with gents and ladies facilities now reading 'gender-neutral, with urinals' and 'gender-neutral, with cubicles'. This isn’t the USA.” Another visitor to the arts centre tweeted: "Never seen so many confused and desperate people!

Trans activist Cheryl Morgan would prefer not to be required to use a gender-neutral loo - she'd rather have a world where gender-neutral toilets were used by absolutely everybody, not just trans people - but recognises others feel otherwise.

She says: "Suggesting four toilets is exactly the wrong thing to say – there will be many trans people who will object deeply to having to use a toilet for trans people as opposed to one of their required gender.

There are issues for some women of certain faiths using mixed bathrooms and I’d never want to do that, hence either self-contained or giving people the freedom to choose.” his is a divisive issue.

Not everyone in the trans communities thinks there should be four types – some believe there should just be gender neutral loos for everyone in the whole UK and that ‘men’s’ and ‘women’s’ are unnecessary.

It’s awkward, and you feel like people are looking at you.

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