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It has no bells and whistles of any kind: no comments, no social media widgets, no RSS, no sidebar, no nothing — except for my text and photos. The only distinguishing factor is a complete absence of advertisements, which is once again a conscious decision on my part — a personality quirk, I suppose.

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Overall, The Tatler is a fast-paced group blog at which PJM author can post quick breaking news links or timely punditry about current events.As such, it now generally serves the same function that zombietime at PJM, with only the occasional photo essay, whereas zombietime was somewhat more photographically oriented.As I said above, my original intention was to re-post on zombietime each and every single PJM essay, but I’m always too busy to keep that promise. Also, let it be noted: I do NOT have an account at any of the following social media sites, so don’t bother looking for me at…

Because I’m disorganized and always short of time, that’s why not!I’ve made many wildly popular and newsworthy posts at PJM over the last couple years that you would have entirely missed if you only checked the zombietime domain. But blogging remains a part-time thing for me, and as long as my stuff appears at least somewhere, I’m satisfied: there’s no real for a duplicative re-post of the same material.