Dating a man who smokes pot

07-Jan-2018 07:00

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magazine.'You shouldn't have to be forced to break the law, but when you're desperate what are you going to do?

The only way to control it, I presume, is to make it legal.'During their American travels, the group head out to meet the ‘Sisters of the Valley’, a group of women living a lifestyle based on the spiritual beliefs of a thirteenth century order called ‘The Begins’.

Nonna has been cooking with marijuana for the past five years after her daughter, Val, discovered it eased the seizures she suffered after a road traffic accident.

Val has since set up a charity to help others and the pair have cooked medicated food for patients with a wide variety of illnesses including AIDS, cancer, brain tumours and epilepsy.

The group get to eat the drug, which is metabolised differently to when it is smoked - with the effects taking two hours to be felt.

Nonna makes a variety of dishes, which include the pièce de résistance, marijuana ice-cream.

Asked how she thinks people will react to seeing her smoke cannabis when the series airs next week, she joked: 'The youngsters will be like, "What?

" I think my street cred will improve.'She was joined on the trip by Loose Women's Linda Robson, 59, Christopher Biggins, 68, retired footballer John Fashanu, 55, and darts supremo Bobby George, 71.

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They had their taste of weed at a hippy party in San Francisco on the first night of the trip.

Each of the five celebrities have their own reasons for exploring the issue - Pam has polymyalgia rheumatica and has had a knee replacement.