Data bound textbox is not updating

10-Aug-2017 01:32

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You can either assign the Data Table to the Binding Source's Data Source property or else assign a Data Set to the Data Source and then the name of the Data Table to the Data Member. A Data Set is essentially an in-memory representation of a database.

The Binding Source then gets assigned to the Combo Box's Data Source. A Data Table is basically an in-memory representation of a database table.

hi all - on a windows form i have a combobox called currency, it is populated by a tableadapter called exchangerate which is turn populated by a dataset called mydataset.

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The Value Member is the name of the member of the bound objects whose value should be returned by the control's Selected Value property.- oh and lastly, the "why" i'm doing it this way - I'm doing this because the machine that this app is running on is sometimes online and sometimes not and the exchange rate is used in a calc for quotes, hence i want both the end user to actually see what the exchange rate WAS before they went offline or to see what it IS if they are, and also to store it. A Data Table is basically an in-memory representation of a database table.I can equate this issue to the following example: "on Form A a user has a combobox called customers and a button called add customer. Resume Binding() 'Set the new item as the selected item combobox. To String 'refresh the datasource combobox.datasource=? datasource 'select the new field from the table to populate the combobox with combobox.displaymember = "New Display Member" 'redraw the combobox to reflect the values combobox.invalidate()what a pain this one turned out to be for something so simple.....that's usually the way though - too close to the problem to see it clearly - as you can see by the date on this latest post, i stepped away from this one for quite a while. Just as a database contains tables and relations between them, so a Data Set contains Data Tables and Data Relations.Now, in your situation, you should be binding your Data Table to a Binding Source and then binding that to the Combo Box.

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It can be done in code or, if you added the Data Set in the designer, then it can also be done in the designer. Machines) There's a difference alright, but not the one you seem to think there i said, an exit and restart of the app displays the accurate data....i can't figure this out for the life of me. All the Refresh method of any control does is redraw it on-screen. If the binding hasn't been updated then redrawing it will have no effect.