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He notified his dispatch which was absolutely critical to us knowing the location as well as advising the responding officers as they arrived on that 32nd floor. The undersheriff also dismissed, again, the repeated claims from ISIS that Paddock carried out the attack in the name of Islamic terror.

'This was a remarkable effort by a brave and remarkable man. The FBI also announced on Friday the launch of a designated campaign to the public for information.

Undersheriffs said they are still 'days away' from being able to tell the survivors when they can collect personal items that were left at the scene.

Above, piles of organized items including a strollers and wheelchairs are seen lined up into various piles of evidence In August, he rented hotel rooms overlooking the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago which Malia Obama attended with friends.

I wish we did.' He confirmed that Paddock was the only gunman, as suspected, and said there was no proof that anyone else accessed the room in the days before the attack.

Authorities are however still investigating whether someone knew Paddock was about to commit the worst mass shooting in US history.

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He said they were 'keenly' pursuing his medical records to verify reports that he was taking prescription drugs and had potentially deteriorated into mental illness.

Earlier, NBC News had reported a mysterious charger that did not mach any of Paddock's cellpones - raising the possibility that another person had been with Paddock beforehand.

However, later police said that they have now matched all the cell phones and all the chargers and that they belong to Paddock.'We're very confident there was not another shooter in that room,' said Mc Mahill during a press conference in Las Vegas on Friday afternoon.'What we cannot confirm is whether anybody else knew about this incident before he carried it out.'This comes as local and federal officials announced they are erecting billboards around the city appealing to the public to come forward with information about the shooting.

It was also revealed that hotel security guard Jesus Campos, who alerted police to Paddock's specific location after being shot in the leg when he disturbed his killing spree, was on the floor investigating an open door on one of the rooms.

Mc Mahill did not say whether it was Paddock's room which triggered the alarm but he offered a clearer picture of how Campos found himself in the firing line. He was dispatched to what they call a door alarm on the 32nd floor,' he said, clarifying that such an alarm was issued when a door was left ajar.He also dismissed claims that someone else accessed the room using Paddock's key card while his Hyundai was not in the parking lot.