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03-Jan-2018 17:15

Explicitly relevant for website development is: Columns with product specifications are included and have column headers such as “Spec #”, so that each new specification (feature) is included in a new column in the output CSV file.

The number of specifications depends on the number of spec values in the respective product data-sheet.

Daarvoor werd het noodzakelijk om de steen tijdelijk los te maken.

In vroeger tijden was men over het algemeen zuinig op bruikbare bouwmaterialen zoals natuursteen.

Generating personalized files is discussed separately. In case of 3, check out the documentation for the Icecat XML Data Interface, as the same directories also contain CSV variants of index files, which can be used to retrieve product data-sheets in CSV format.

Other available interfaces are: In general, we advise to use the XML (or JSON) interfaces for downloading Icecat data-sheets.

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