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Such parishioners would profit from learning even a few of the basic precepts set out by canon law.

This knowledge would enable them to form their own opinions concerning processes and regulations within the Church, rather than rely on frequently false information from outside”.

The Forum also looked at the modern understanding of the ecclesiastical principle of oikonomia as well as the areas in which it is applicable.

In an eleventh-century Byzantine book of saints known as the Menology of Basil, Michael is described as a "pious and God-fearing" monk.

These days everyone can learn anything at all, especially if they have access to the Internet.

Indeed, the extensive practical experience gathered by the Church in the course of more than two millennia underpins all ecclesiastical activity in the area of canon law.” This is precisely the reason why canon law has to evolve in line with historical developments and why its most pertinent questions need continual discussion and refinement.The relationship of the Church with the world at large also falls within the remit of canon law.“How permissible is it for a parishioner without any knowledge of canon law to reprimand a fellow parishioner?At the end of the lecture, the rector of the Church of Prophet Elijah in Cherkizovo, Archimandrite Savva (Tutunov) gave his own answer to the question of the day “What use is canon law to us, parishioners?

” The rector has also dedicated many years to research into canon law and has written a number of monographs on the subject.

” Fr Andrei posed this pertinent question in the course of our discussion and noted that “very many people involved in church life need to take heed of this”.