Application screenupdating in vba excel

11-Dec-2017 00:50

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Orientation = xl Column Field Then Dim i As Long On Error Resume Next ' Needed to avoid getting errors when manipulating fields that were deleted from the data source.

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I don't want to see any other rows in the pivot table. Sub Filter Pivot Field() Dim Field As Pivot Field Field = Active Sheet. Pivot Fields("Saved Family Code") Value = Range("$A") Application.

It is important to note that the least efficient methods involve those that use loops.

This is because they only delete one row at a time!

Dim i As Long ' We turn off calculation and screenupdating to speed up the macro.

Screen Updating = True End With End Sub Sub Delete Blank Rows2() ' Deletes the entire row within the selection if _ some of the cells WITHIN THE SELECTION contain no data.

Sub Delete Blank Rows1() ' Deletes the entire row within the selection if the ENTIRE row contains no data.