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24-Oct-2017 03:17

As construction continued on the colossal statue (from base to torch it was to be 152 feet tall), fundraising became the big issue.

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Thinking aloud, Laboulaye asked how wonderful it would be if a monument could be erected in America from the French celebrating their alliance and similar beliefs in democracy and liberty.

His vision was generally well received in America, but fundraising efforts did not match the enthusiasm.

Back in France, the monetary support slowly trickled in once the political situation settled down in 1875.

In the decade that followed, trade with Great Britain declined in overall importance for the Portuguese.

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This being the case, Portugal’s desire to enter the EEC – a step made possible by its transition to democracy, begun in 1974, and by the ensuing decolonization – was no longer motivated by the simple desire to follow London: staking a place in the Common Market as a whole was now identified as the priority for Lisbon.

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