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John MJohn M: The most important thing though, is we are giving local actors work and that helps everyone out.The most important lesson I've taken from the Dr Don situation is "Don't piss off the local cops."Sloth: found this one there as well - one of my favorite "failed rape" scenes - she does pay a high price for her defiance in the end.d=9HEYBMKY Yik Yakker wrote: Damn, I wish I understood Spanish. Hmm, isn't that one of the many extinct species of dinosaur?

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But you will have access to the still galleries, and if she has some, they should be good. : Yeah, you know, the most stimulating aspect of this forum is interesting, insightful, or discussion-generating comments. * * * * * John M: Thanks for the comments on legality.

But every group has one or two jewels in there, and it makes for a fun time to search through them.

Mainstream bondage/torture flicks have always been what really does it for me, I guess because of the build-up and pretty, high-budget make-up and actresses.

If anyone else here is a member of that site, and has some good recommendations, post'm up, I find sorting through his selections rather tedious.

Brutus wrote: John M: Appreciate the details on the limits producers face in their work.It helps to have a studio location and years of content to reference.