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The first description of the buried penis was in 1919 by Keyes.The first attempted surgical correction of this problem was by Schloss in 1959; in 1968, successful correction was performed in an adult by Glanz.Of note, this decreased risk seems to be associated only with infant circumcision and not with adult procedures.The theory that circumcision contributes to prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) was encouraged by a 19th-century report of lower rates of syphilis in Jewish men.Several classification systems of buried penis have been proposed, although none has been universally adopted in the literature.Maizels et al (1986) differentiated among the terms concealed (before circumcision), trapped (cicatricial [scarred] after circumcision), and buried (associated with adolescence and obesity).Depending on the situation, this condition may be considered either physiologic or pathologic.Physiologic, or congenital, phimosis is a normal condition of the newborn male.

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Adult phimosis (ie, pathologic or true phimosis) may be caused by poor hygiene or an underlying medical condition (eg, diabetes mellitus).

To put this in perspective, the approximate likelihood of a UTI occurring in the first year of life is 1 in 100 in uncircumcised boys and 1 in 1000 in circumcised boys.

A lower risk of malignancy is also reported in studies of circumcised men, although the incidence is also rare in uncircumcised men.

Surgical attempts to restore the prepuce are also well documented, going as far back as the Old Testament.

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However, potential psychological and surgical complications have led to closer scrutiny of routine neonatal circumcision.Additionally, controlled studies by Tobian et al have shown the efficacy of circumcision in reducing the incidence of herpes simplex virus type 2 infection, and a follow-up study suggested that it may protect female partners from acquisition in men already infected.

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