6 month milestones dating

15-Nov-2017 04:29

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The portfolio had a good day, up 2.0% and taking the YTD return to 22.2%. A month ago the stock was under 5¢ with very little investor interest. But longer term I am happy to hold; the current market cap is only m, which in my opinion is still very cheap considering what the business offers.By far the biggest influence was another huge move in LNU, up another 3.5¢ or 28% to 16¢. Do yourself a favour and have a read of the company’s latest presentation.Many of the early strips were reprints of the Bull Tales cartoons, with some changes to the drawings and plots.BD's helmet changed from having a "Y" (for Yale) to a star (for the fictional Walden College).Trudeau took a 22-month hiatus, from January 1983 to October 1984.

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Personally I think it’s terrible that institutional investors can get all those shares at .80 in the placement, which admittedly was a tiny discount at the time, and shareholders get a pittance in the SPP. I have thought for some years that placements should be banned except in special circumstances. Well, in the short term it could certainly pull back.

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